Runaway Innovation

This week I'll be hosting #Innochat on the topic of runaway innovation. How many of us have experienced the following scenario? You’re on a team that has been charged either with conceiving or executing an innovation – something that’s either new to the company or new to the world. You’re making progress, and perhaps you’re even well into the project.

Then something happens and things begin to move off course. Perhaps an executive steps in with a different objective. Or a competitor launches a new initiative. Or someone who is not on your team sees this as the perfect time to test a new technical capability.

There are many reasons why innovation veers off course. My hope is that we’ll have a discussion rich in practical applications and thoughts about what to do when this happens. To get us started are some topics I’d like to pose for our chat:

Q1. What experiences have you had w/ runaway innovation?

Q1a. What specifically do you think caused the innovation to move off course?

Q2. Looking back, what things might have been done to correct course?

Q3. What things might be put in place to keep innovation on track?

Q4. Are there times when innovation should be allowed to meander and if so how can you manage those times?

Looking forward to everyone sharing their experiences and thoughts. And if you know someone who might be interested in joining us, please let them know how they can participate. (My recommendation is to use and enter #innochat in the search field.)

See you Thursday Jan 27th at noon EST!


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